Fun and Games – QCA Week 2018

Tuesday, October 2, was the date of the QCA Week Games Evening at the school. 

Past and present teams faced off in a lively game of basketball on the school’s hard courts.

And netball was also on the cards, as alumnae and present students battled it out on an adjoining court.



The thrilling action on the courts met the approval of those you gathered to watch. In the end, the men’s basketball event would prove that age is just a number, since the past students managed to subdue the youngsters and prevail.

It’s worth mentioning that among the alumni were a couple of players who have represented Barbados in basketball.

For the ladies though, it would be he reverse. The present team kept the alumnae team at bay, “whitewashing” them 32-8. But it was all in good fun.

The action then switched to the School Hall, where board games – Mastermind and dominoes – were already in progress.

Some of the basketballers and netballers who weren’t too physically and emotionally distress from the pace on the courts, joined fellow alumni in the Hall to play dominoes, or just to share some refreshments and reminisce about school days.

Some current students also took to the domino table bonding in a match or two with older alumni.

Who knows? This might just be the start of their involvement in future QCA Week activities – as students, and also as alumni.

Fiat Lux! Fertur Lux!

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