Get Involved- Serve as a Committee Member

As we near the end of the tenure of the current Executive Committee, we are inviting nomination of persons to be elected to the Executive Committee or appointed to one of its Sub-Committees.

The QCA relies entirely on the volunteer efforts of dedicated alumni to carry out its work, which is currently constrained by limited manpower and financial resources.  If you think you or someone you know would make a meaningful contribution to the Executive Committee, submit your information to us using the forms below.

This is a perfect opportunity for alumni who have time to spare and an interest in managing organizations to Get Involved.


AGM and Elections

The new Committee will be elected at the AGM on January 20, 2018.


Who can be nominated/appointed

Paid up Ordinary members and Life members of the QCA can seek nomination to the Executive Committee (subscribe or renew your membership).

There is no membership requirement for sub-committee members.


Election term and responsibilities

The term of office for the Executive Committee and its sub-committees is two years.

Persons elected to the Executive Committee must be able to meet at least once every three months.

The responsibility of the Executive Committee is to further the objectives of the Association and uphold its Constitution.


Nomination process

To submit a nomination for election to the Executive Committee or appointment to one of the sub-committees, complete and submit the relevant form by January 13, 2018.

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