Queen's College Association Uncategorized QC Alumna Shares Genealogy Journey

QC Alumna Shares Genealogy Journey

Alumna Marcia Nurse shared with alumni attending the General Meeting on April 13 how her search to discover more about her family tree has led to a passion for genealogy.

Marcia sporadically utilized Barbados Department of Archives resources over a 30-year period. These visit to the Archives allowed her to become knowledgeable of the wide variety of archived materials available to complete not only name searches with linkage to herself, but insights to the societal context her ancestors lived in and their contribution to Barbadian society.

Today she is one of the sought after research persons who can assist with personal family searches utilizing both locally archived documents and data from electronic sites.

Marcia showed how her ancestor Valdemar Cobham, a black Barbadian, managed to receive a sound education and become a solicitor only three generations after his grandfather was born during slavery.

She encouraged her audience to research their own family histories. Marcia attended Queen’s College between 1966 and 1974.

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