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Support “QC GIVING 2019”

The QCA has recognized the need for a structured annual giving programme that enables QC alumni around the globe to give back and contribute to their alma mater.  Therefore in January 2019, we are launching the QC Giving campaign for 2019.

We know that as QC alumni, you would like to see our 130 year legacy of excellence continue.  Today’s students deserve to have the high quality school experiences that we had.

In an era of shrinking educational budgets we have undertaken to contribute to great school experiences for current students and we are asking for your generous donations to make this a reality.

What we’ve accomplished, with your help

Over the past two years, your subscriptions and donations have enabled us to complete projects to brighten the school’s physical environment, including:

  • assist students in attending the Global Young Leaders Conference
  • sprucing up the courtyard
  • refurbishing benches
  • improving the secretariat office
  • providing graduation gifts and debate prizes

We would like to do even more.


There is much more to be done…

The principal and staff of the School are doing an excellent job with what they are given but they need our help as they work tirelessly to produce well-rounded, globally competitive students in the Queen’s College tradition.

Your donations will contribute to the education and well-being of current students, by supporting our efforts at excellence.

We have three funds, which are described in more detail below. We have also set fundraising targets for each fund for 2018.

QCA UWI Scholarship Fund 

This Fund was established to award two $5,000 scholarships each year to qualifying alumni towards their studies at UWI Cave Hill.  The first two scholarships were awarded in November 2018, for the Semester 1, 2018-2019.

2019 Target: $10,000 by June 1st, 2019 Donate

QCA Benevolent Fund

As part of the Queen’s College family, we are committed to supporting our members in times of need.  The Benevolent Fund was established in order to assist alumni and former teachers who need urgent financial or material help.

2019 Target: $5,000 Donate

General Fund

There are many needs to be met at Queen’s College and among the alumni. The General Fund supports requests for assistance from students and alumni, and the general management of the Association.

2019 Target: $10,000 Donate

How to Donate

We recognize that you should have a say in how your donations are allocated, so we’ve given you the option to contribute to specific funds that are of interest or relevance to you.

There are two (2) easy ways to donate to the QCA and its initiatives.

Donate Online at TicketPal

We are pleased to offer convenient, NO-FEE online donation to the Fund of your choice through our partnership with TicketPal.  When you make your donation online you may opt to roll back the transaction fees and pay just the donation amount.  Donate online now

Donate via Post

Donations by crossed cheque, payable to The Queen’s College Association Charity, may be mailed to The Queen’s College Association, c/o Queen’s College, Husbands, St. James.  Be sure to indicate the Fund that you are supporting.

The Queen’s College Association Charity is Registered Charity number 1251.  Donations to registered charities are deductible for tax purposes.